Saturday, October 12, 2019

Episode 12:1997 Fleer Ultra Football Pack Rip With Insert Find!

Landing in as one of my Top 3 Favorite Fleer Ultra designs all time, 1997 Fleer Ultra was always a fun rip and when I saw the price of a pack I could get, I went and got it.

So let's check out the rip.

Each retail pack of 1997 Fleer Ultra football came with 6 cards. This pack I landed for $1.50 so that was pretty sweet.

Pack odds on the back

Let's check out that sweet design in a pack full of 90's names you heard often.

Rashaan Salaam.

Jeff Blake

Steve McNair

Brad Johnson

 Jason Dunn

Million Dollar Moments bonus card. Think this was a contest of some sort. I just collected the cards.

And the boom, a Darnell Autry Rookies insert that fell 1:3 packs. Out of the five packs I bought, this was the only insert pull. It's not like today's packs where you found an insert every pack.

Well that was fun and I already have my eye on more. I considered building the 1997 Fleer Ultra base set but not sure yet. That would be quite the project.

If you were at all curious what my top design favorites for Ultra were as I mentioned above, here they are in order.
  1. 1995 Fleer Ultra
  2. 1998 Fleer Ultra
  3. 1997 Fleer Ultra
What are yours?

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