Thursday, October 3, 2019

Episode 3:Feeling Ripped

Oh boy did @card_a_holic keep bringing the fun with Collectors Edge in our trade!

Today we move one year forward from yesterdays post and take a glance at 1996 Collectors Edge and it's insert line called Ripped.

This insert fell 1:12 packs in a few different Collectors Edge products as a 18 card set, checklist included. Not sure if that fell at the same odds or not. The insert features celebrities offering their commentary on NFL players and there is quite the checklist of stars to chase.

The design was full of shine, with a prism like background and matching team color and focus on the player in the forefront.

There was also a second series released in a couple of 1997 Collectors Edge products that were cards 19-36.

I am thinking with this being such a small set and eye appealing, this one will be as well added to the needs list.

I should also note there was a limited to 500 of each card parallel set to these that was sold directly as a set. The words Ripped had a die cut done to them. I think those look pretty cool, but prefer the ones above more.

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  1. Don't think I ever pulled any of these... but I feel like maybe I've seen them sitting in boxes at shows before. Best of luck with your set.