Saturday, October 12, 2019

Episode 15:I Have An SSD!

Back in 1998, Playoff released it's Absolute SSD product and I fell madly in love. The only problem at the time, was that Peyton Manning was clearing off shelves of the product by his popularity and I was only able to grab a few packs.

Years later, @card_a_holic made me reminded me how badly I want to build this base set as well. So with 200 overall to find including Peyton and Randy, it won't be an easy task. Much like my 1998 Topps Chrome chase.

But, I am set to do it and know I have some hobby friends who would help along the way.

Let's check out these sweet cards. We don't get base sets this cool anymore.

These have a weird foil texture covering the card, features the solo player and has an acetate inset of them. Up close these look a lot cooler than they do on here.

Irv Smith

Isaac Bruce

Marc Edwards

Only four to help towards my base but better than none!

He even had an insert from the set. These fell 1:19 packs at the time.
Mark Brunell for that PC.I liked when the Jags wore their dark unis.

Slash the Slasher Stewart.

Wonder if I should chase this set to? Why not just chase all of this high quality cardboard from this era??

Thanks to Brian for the set help!

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  1. Beautiful base cards. Anytime you can incorporate acetate into the card design, it's a winner in my book. I wonder if I ever tracked down the Manning, Moss, Woodson, and Ward for my collection.