Thursday, October 10, 2019

Episode 9:Getting Focused On A Pack Of 1999 Fleer Focus Football

I am back at busting packs again and will be over the next few days before going back to show off some other sweet cards I got in a trade.

Today's product is 1999 Fleer Focus. Not one I personally remember all that well but one I did bust back in the day. What I do remember most about the product is finding a ton of it when I bought my friends collection ten years ago. He got out as I got deeper into collecting.

Let's check out this rip.
Every hobby pack of 1999 Fleer Focus football has five cards. Each pack cost $3,99 then but I landed this one for $1.50. So well worth it to me. I was hoping for a Kurt Warner rookie card but being 1:2 packs for short printed rookies, the odds were not in my favor.

Back of the pack for you odds lovers

Isaac Bruce

Dorsey Levens who spent a very short time with my Giants


One of the NFL greats, hard to admit that but I watched him tear apart my Giants one too many times

A rookie!!! Oh, that's not Kurt Warner. But, kickers are people to and he was a decent one as well.

Overall, not a bad pack rip at all. Landed an Sp rookie and pulled a Hall Of Famer base. Worth every penny.


  1. Love this set. It's one of only two (maybe three) sets that contain a Donald Driver rookie card.

  2. I didn't care too much for this design, for any of the big three, but this wasn't a bad pack, but as per usual, packs from the 90's do tend to yield better names than those of today :)

  3. That set is a new one for me. Nice design. I might have to seek some of those out. Good post.