Thursday, December 2, 2021

Cardboard Review:2020-2021 Panini Court Kings

A couple of years ago, I started back into basketball collecting after over 25 years out of the game. There was something about the Knicks with RJ Barrett that caught my attention again.

Fast forward to now, I have watched more Knicks games this year then I have in the past 25 years. That's saying a lot knowing I only have watched 6 games. 

My interest in watching them has grown again, but not at the peak it was in the 90's.

One thing about basketball that hasn't changed for me is the opening of basketball cards as we take a look at Court Kings today.

Every box of 2020-2021 Panini Court Kings basketball comes with one pack of 10 cards.

You should find the following within,

2 Autographs or Relics
1 Rookie
2 Inserts
1 Parallel

And boxes currently are running $330 or so.

The base cards design takes on a street art design with 200 cards in the base set. There are varying level degrees of rookies in the set.

These are the first level rookies base.

And here is a second level rookie base.

Overall there are four levels.

The following parallels can be found in the base set for Court Kings
Artist Proof, Ruby /149, Amethyst /99, Pink /99, Violet /49, Jade /25, Sapphire /25, and Masterpiece 1/1.
I found a Giannis  Ruby /149

Maestros Russell Westbrook. There are 30 cards overall to collect in this set.

First Steps. I know many will think this is corny or stupid, but I like when companies think outside the basics. A picture of a player's shoe for First Steps, I will take it. There are 10 cards overall in the set to collect.

My first hit was a Rookie Expression of Jordan Nwora.

Second hit was this Fresh Paint of RJ Hampton. I have only opened three boxes of basketball cards this year and two times I have hit this guy.

Well, this was a tough break to swallow looking at the price vs what I got in return.

If we are just looking at the product in general, I like the overall look and design. I also like the different base rookie card leveling as it reminds me of the late 90's back when set chasing some sets as it was more fun and challenging. It also brought more value to the product.

Your thoughts on this product are welcomed in comments below.

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  1. Court Kings is one of my favorite basketball products each year. I do like the artistic list of the cards and the I do like the texture of the cards (reminds me of Upper Deck Masterpiece). And I like the different level for the rookie cards. Just check out the RJ Barrett level II rookie card. The only draw back is the price. $330 is WAY too much, especially if you don't hit that top card. For $330 I can get RJ's level I ($7), II ($40), III ($100), Maestro Insert ($10), Apprentice Insert ($14), Expressionist relic ($20), First Steps ($25),and still have $100 left over. And some of those are at the current eBay bloated prices. I stick to buying singles. You need to be Obi. He brings excitement to the court. I have the level I and II already. Have to try to pick up III.