Thursday, December 9, 2021

Dream Team

1995-1999 put out some of the greatest looking cards ever in the history of the hobby. Take me back to when the cards were amazing.

No, these cards aren't flipper material, nor do they hold a lot of money value, but they do hold a lot of memory value and that is where the big money is at for me.

Out of all of the 1996 Score packs I ripped; I was never ever fortunate enough to land a Dream Team insert. They were not easy to find at 1:72 packs making it one in every two or three boxes.

The 10-card set had fallen out of my memory until I was looking up random card sets on Burbank Sportcards where I spotted some of these. And not only did I spot some of them, I grabbed some.

If you look closely behind all of the shine, I try not to look too far behind it, you will see a team/city tie in behind each player. 

I have a Barry Sanders on the way which will put me roughly halfway through the set, so maybe this one won't be too hard to accomplish.

Thoughts on the players or the set welcomed in comments!

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1 comment:

  1. Putting the cities in the background was a nice touch. They look especially interesting with rainbow ripples running through them.