Tuesday, December 7, 2021

New Addition:2021 Donruss Optic Preview Holiday Parallel

Today's card I didn't pick up from Burbank Sportcards or even eBay, today's card I acquired from a trade from my father.

We don't meet up too often, but when we do, we make a card trade and it's usually in an odd spot of doing so. This time we met up in a hospital parking lot right before my urology appointment. Why do we trade in such odd spots? We both are busy and just take advantage of the time we do find.

In our latest trade, I knew he needed a Matthew Stafford rookie so I dangled one out there in exchange for some Donruss Holiday cards including today's Donruss Holiday Optic Preview Holiday parallel.

Ojulari is having a great rookie season with the Giants so I was really pumped to see this one included in our trade.

Card Back is the same as his Donruss other than the word Prizm in the corner.

The lightbox really captured how great these cards look in person.

I didn't post the other cards I acquired, but there were two other holiday Optic previews and three of the Rookie Sweater cards. I thought we both won in that trade and that's what matters.

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  1. That may be one of the more unique spots/times to trade that I've heard of in quite some time!