Saturday, December 4, 2021

True Colors

You with those Extreme Corps...don't be confused just remember when...they actually used foil. These cards can make you crazy if you did forget...just look them up...because you know they will be there.

And I will see their True Colors shining through. I will see their True Colors, that's why I love them. So don't be afraid, to look yourself. At their True Colors, they are a rainbow.

I am sure by now you are ready to actually read this post and not in Cyndi Laupers iconic voice for the song True Colors. No, not Phil Collins remake. Nothing is like an original.

In my last trade with blog reader Oren, he discovered something I never paid attention to before.
The rainbow foil on the Extreme Corps subset in 1995 Stadium Club.

And how much it changes card to card due to the printing process of these.

Some are blue, some are purple, some have red and yellow

And some cover all of the colors from the rainbow foil. 

It's quite cool and is almost as if you are collecting a rainbow.

I honestly would have normally just tossed any duplicates into my dupes box and not looked at them for a second glance. 
Oren sent plenty of these along with some Transactions foil subset cards that do the same thing.

But, now I am wondering what other Stadium Club foil subsets may spin out unique rainbow cards like these. I know Stadium Club used this kind of foil across multiple 1995 and 1996 products for multiple sports.

Thanks again Oren for giving me an idea for a post today and for these unique cards.

In comments, let me know if you ever noticed the foil on these cards before.


  1. You'll find this with a lot of sets in the mid to late 90's. My personal favorite example are the 1994-95 Hoops Big Numbers Rainbows. I have half a dozen different combinations for a couple of different players, and am always looking to add more.

    1. I may have to see if any Hamptons fall in this category

  2. Yeah, I have two of the Piazzas from the set. When I got the second one, I assumed they were different parallels because the coloring of the letters was so different. Later I saw on a blog that they were actually considered the same card, but I still have them both in my Piazza binder.

    1. I may try to find others of these ones above

  3. Now I'm gonna have to go back and find these of Tigers players.

    Good Job.👍