Friday, December 3, 2021


Sometimes desperate times in the hobby, calls for desperate measures. Sometimes those measures can be costly, but still feel worth it.

That's where today's blaster box of 2021 Mosaic baseball comes into play.

I really enjoyed the design and jazz the football and basketball versions brought, so when I saw this blaster box of Mosaic sitting on the Walmart shelves, I had to give it a go. Well, honestly that's a lie. I spotted these three times at Walmart. The first time I saw the price tag of $35 and kept walking. The second time I felt a little itch and at least picked up the box to look at but then set it down and kept walking. The third time I took some Dramamine to prevent myself from throwing up to pay the $35 for a blaster box.

And here we are.
Each of these 2021 Mosaic blasters comes with 7 packs of 4 cards. Then an extra pack of four cards which are Mosaic Blue Camo Parallels along with one Silver Prizm and One Mosaic Parallel. There is also Green Parallels too. I won't mention the price....holding back throwup....again..

I waited a few days on this blaster at home before having one of those rainy days where I craved to open it.

The base set looks like the football and baseball ones. Very chromed and nice if you can push past the non-logos.

Here were my Silver (Freeman) and Silver Mosaic (Karinchak). These look really good.

The green parallels I found were the following,
I can't complain about a rising player and the league's MVP.

My inserts were the following,
Big Fly Goldschmidt and Debuts Madrigal (yes Oren, this is heading your way)

Will To Win. There was a green Mike Yaz.

Producers and Vintage

Hot Sauce

Aces. What a great looking insert and kind of a throwback to the 90's.

But what makes them even better, is when they are parallels.

Speaking of parallels, the last pack in the box was the Blue Camo parallels,

These look even more stunning in hand. The lightbox did a decent job though at capturing them for the most part.

And that's it. $35 well...sp..spppp..sppppppppeee.....well $35 spent. I will say it was fun though.

Let me know in comments your thoughts on this product, the cost of it and if you have busted any.


  1. Nice color-matching Kershaw! The Green Ohtani and Tatis cards might have got your money's worth?

    1. Sadly no, I believe you can get both under $10 lol

  2. Not bad, I like the idea of an insert set called "Hot Sauce", but ultimately I think my $35 would be better spent elsewhere.

    1. Mine would have been lol. But, that itch to rip gets me

  3. I'm glad that none of these newer releases appeal to me, because I couldn't imagine shelling $35 out for a blaster. If I have an extra $35 to spend, and I want to use it on cards, I'll just go to COMC, eBay, or Sportlots and get something that will actually fit into one of my collections.

    1. I have always been a ripper, wished I didn't have that in me. It's the biggest thrill of the hobby still for myself.

  4. WOW! Those are some shiny cards, gonna have to get the Tigers cards... VERY Cool!

    Good Job.👍