Wednesday, July 9, 2014

That 90's Mail Day: INSERTS GALORE Sent From A Friend!

I have mentioned this before, but sometimes you just run into great people/collectors on Twitter and Facebook. I have also mentioned this before as well, one of them is a guy named Tim Yount. I have known Tim for a few years now through Facebook and Twitter and have come to know him as a long distance friend. In the last few months we have been sending each other packages of cards that we knew the other would like and not long ago a package arrived with some tremendous stuff in it including 90's inserts!! You all know I am all over that.

However, before showing you the 90's part of the gallery, I also wanted to make note that the other half of Tim's package contained many new NY Giants cards, a Jose Abreu Bowman Prospect card, a Masahiro Tanaka Bowman rookie card and a couple jersey cards. Those cards will be featured as upcoming or previous Cards Of The Week so check them out then!

Now onto this sweet gallery of 90's awesomeness:

Was always a fan of dufex technology as shown in the Mueseum Collection card below:
Some great 90's baseball cards here including two Michael Jordan's!

NBA always had some superb inserts. One of my favorites below is the Hardwood Leader design:

Here are some serious goodies! Really like the UD Predictor of Keyshawn and the Broadway Review of Jim Harbaugh. I have always been a huge fan of Action Packed as well and adding that unique silver foil card of Bledsoe I have never seen before was a great addition to the 90's PC.
Once again, thank you Tim for this mind blowing mail day and comments on this mail day are always appreciated!

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