Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Topps Baseball Series 2 10-Hobby Pack Break

Day 3 of my vacation breaks takes us to 2015 Topps Series 2 hobby packs. My straight aim with these was to get a Kris Bryant rookie card. I didn't really want to buy a whole box, but managed to buy 10 packs worth over three days. Did I get my Bryant? Well, read on!

In every hobby pack of 2015 Topps Series 2 baseball are 10 cards. Those 10 will consist of veterans, rookies and an insert or two. Packs should run around $2-2.50 which is what I paid for these.

The base card design is the same as Series 1 and is still the best in years for Topps.

My rookies. Bryant. #sad

Gold parallels. These are all numbered to 2015.

Rainbow foil, really cool, fall 1:10 packs.

Til It's Over. Wasn't really a fan of this design. These fall 1:8 packs.

Eclipsing History was an impressive design. I liked it. Along with the Stepping Up insert design as well. Highlight Of The Year (top) falls 1:4, Eclipsing History falls 1:10 and Stepping Up falls 1:6

A Topps Bunt insert. I will not be holding onto this as I MUCH PREFER real cards over digital ones, so I will be giving it away or trading it. Haven't figured that out yet.

My first ever Call Your Shot Game. I believe these fall 1:12. I will be sharing my results in a future post and let you know how it turned out.

The Heart Of The Order insert brings me back to the 90's. This is the kind of stuff Topps needs to put out for inserts. These look good enough to put a set together of. If they did more good insert designs like this, their inserts might actually have pop again. Quite impressed. These fall 1:6.

And I know lot of people don't like finding celebs in their baseball cards but I loved it. Topps should continue this set going forward. Sadly out of my 10 packs I only got one, but it's Kevin Hart so that was okay. I do hope to get the Gabriel Iglesias and Stan Lee ones as well. I would also strongly encourage Topps to do autograph versions.
Overall, some nice stuff. I was quite impressed with insert designs in Series 2 and I hope this carries over to next year along with the base card designs. Keep up the good improvements Topps!

What did you guys think of the Topps base card design? Yay or nay? What about the First Pitch inserts? Let me hear your thoughts! You know mine!

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