Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cutchin' For Some Yanks

Recently, Collecting Cutch held a contest where you had to list off your Top 10 favorite cards of your favorite player. The cards could be anything you wanted and not just hits. I did mine Griffey style.

I didn't end up winning the random for the top prize, but being the generous guy he is, he still handed out prizes to those that didn't win.  I sent him Giants and Yankees as my teams. He didn't have any Giants, so I got some great Yankees instead.

He first of all included one of these with every package he sent. Cool collectible I will stick with my small amount of Andrew McCutchen cards.

Some good Yankees in here including my first 2017 Bunt card. I really like that SI Bernie Williams card.

DJ, Clemens and Dimaggio makes up this group.

Tino. He was one of my favorite Yanks in the 90's. Other than Griffey, I also always chose to be Tino when playing baseball with buddies in the backyard.

Rookies I didn't have...

including one of the hardest throwers in baseball. I just wished more of the Yankees pitching staff had their stuff together. I knew though that was their weak spot going into this season and the last few seasons.

We finish the mail day up with some boom! Derek Jeter 2013 Topps rookie felt manu card. I love this card.
A big thanks goes out to Collecting Cutch and if you haven't checked out his blog yet, you are missing out. His Cutch collection is absolutely amazing.

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  1. Thanks for entering the contest. I'm glad you enjoyed the runner up package.