Thursday, July 13, 2017

Eli+Judge=Baseball Card Breakdown Mail Day

Once again, I was able to pull off another great PWE trade with Baseball Card Breakdown.

Up first, some Archives needs. I actually never landed any of these in my box break....

Including this one of Homerun Derby Champ, possible MVP and definitely ROY, Judge. My PC is growing slowly everyday. I think I have reached 13 rookies now and am always on the hunt for more including doubles and triples (though I prefer new ones I will take the same).

Eli!! Who is still the most underrated QB in the league. No respect despite 2 Super Bowl rings and MVPs. 
Here are two more new ones for the PC. Mirror Red /250 kicks it off

Followed by a Lady Luck mini parallel from Goodwin Champions. This card is pretty sharp.
I have over 300+ Eli Mannings and sometimes it's hard not to get doubles, but I didn't here. Impressive Gavin!
A big thanks goes out to Baseball Card Breakdown once again for another great mail day. I look forward to our next exchange as I have set a few things aside for you already again.


  1. Glad you like! It's not easy to give up a Judge card right now, but I knew you'd give it a good home.

  2. Haha just wait till you see my trade post!