Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My First Fuji Mail Day

Recently I have been contacting some bloggers I have been wanting to mail cards to but never have. Fuji of The Chronicles Of Fuji blog fame was one of those guys.

So I contacted him and he asked for my info as well to mail me some NY Giants items. However, sadly, he had his mail day to me before I could even get his packed out. (I finally did get his put together and mailed this week)

Here were the contents.

Gmen mania! All four of these are new adds. It includes one of my favorite Giants TE's in Shockey. However, I am digging me some Engram this year.

Kerry Collins!! One of my all time favorite players. I had routed him on since 1995 when he was with the Panthers. Loved when he joined the Giants.

Another new Collins here and a new Eli. Eli is about the only bright spot besides Engram on the Giants this year.

Tiki. Loved his play on the field, not so much his attitude.

I have never seen one of these before. Very cool add of Y.A. Tittle.

Giants have had some great running backs over the years, Morris was one of them. I don't remember him playing since I liked football later on in the 90's, but my father told me many stories of Joe and his runs.

Eli rookie year card I didn't have. Awesome! I believe in Eli!

Brandon Myers was supposed to be the next big thing for the Giants weak TE position, never panned out and left after a year.  I do like these Magic Mini's however and I didn't have this card of him either.

DJ Hall never really panned out but Plaxico did. His game winning Super Bowl catch in Super Bowl 42 and his incredible games in the playoffs that year especially against the Packers will never be forgotten. I know he will be mostly known for the guy who shot himself in the leg, but that's not how I will remember him.

A huge thanks to Fuji for the mail day. I was quite impressed you were able to find so many new Giants for someone who has close to 4,000 cards of them.

I hope we can exchange again soon and hope you enjoy what I sent. I have more to come for you after that one :)

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  1. I dug deep looking for Hamptons... but I guess I don't have any. However if I find any, I'll send them your way.