Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Rodney's Cardboard:2023 Spectra Base Autograph /199

My last few Rodney chases started with the parallels before the base. This didn't change when I started hunting down the Spectra cards.

The base just has a regular refractor shine.

The back is numbered to 199.

Here is the overall look at what I am seeking. I do have five of the chase so far in hand and will cross them off as I post them the next few days.

Signatures Gold   1
Signatures Nebula   2
Signatures Neon Marble  4
Signatures Psychedelic  5
Signatures Neon Splatter   8
Signatures Neon Orange   10
Signatures Neon Pink   15
Signatures Meta   25
Signatures Neon Green   35
Signatures Neon Blue   50
Signatures Hyper   60
Signatures Celestial 75
Signatures    199

There are more to post about in this chase that I have in hand.

Thoughts on my latest Rodney welcomed in comments!

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