Thursday, May 30, 2024

Rodney's Cardboard:2023 Spectra Hyper Autograph /60

In Panini's attempt to sticker dump, the effort on some of the parallels from this Rodney chase are pretty lame. 

Take today's for example, if you compare this to the base,

The only difference is the lines in the background. LINES. If you are going to go out Panini and lose the license, at least go out with a bang.

is numbered to 50. But, for once, these cards feature a small writeup about the player and doesn't have the usual boring backing.

Here is the overall look at what I am seeking. I do have five of the chase so far in hand and will cross them off as I post them the next few weeks.

Signatures Gold   1
Signatures Nebula   2
Signatures Neon Marble  4
Signatures Psychedelic  5
Signatures Neon Splatter   8
Signatures Neon Orange   10
Signatures Neon Pink   15
Signatures Meta   25
Signatures Neon Green   35
Signatures Neon Blue   50
Signatures Hyper   60
Signatures Celestial 75
Signatures    199

Stay tuned for more from the Spectra chase.

Now I want your thoughts on the lack of effort in this parallel in comments today!

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