Sunday, May 26, 2024

Rodney's Cardboard:1995 Collectors Edge Excalibur Sword And Stone Diamond Parallel

 We are still rolling in the Rodney's, and I still have more to show.

I am really lost with this year of Collectors Edge sets. There are so many parallels, so many inserts and they all sound and sometimes look the same. The easiest way for me to do these, is just look up to make sure I don't have it. That's my only tell-tale.
I do know though, that the diamond parallel is the hardest one to chase in the series. I have one for the base and now have one for assumingly is an insert.

Card back.

I do have a few parallels of this chase for Rodney and at some point I will round them all up and show them off.

Thanks again to Wes for sending this one along.

Comments are always welcomed below!

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