Sunday, May 19, 2024

Rodney's Cardboard:2023 Panini Absolute Historic Duals Ottis Anderson/Rodney Hampton Autograph /35

 Today's Rodney Hampton is probably going to be my favorite of the chase, especially since the 1/1 is gone. It's a blue parallel which is team color match especially with their players jerseys on the card being blue as well.

The blue version is numbered to 35.

Back of the card is the usual Panini backing.

Here is the overall look at the chase. The 1/1 had already popped up and I missed it. But at least I can just chase what I can and hopefully someday the 1/1 will come back.

Historical Duals Black 1
Historical Duals Purple 5
Historical Duals Gold 10
Historical Duals Green 25
Historical Duals Blue 35
Historical Duals Orange 50
Historical Duals Red 75
Historical Duals 199

Stay tuned for a couple more of these!

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