Sunday, June 29, 2014

That 90's Sport Card Blog Post Of The Day

If you haven't heard yet, I have brought back That 90's Sport Card Blog. Yes, break open the champaigne and celebrate! There won't be daily posts anymore but I plan on doing posts on and off and keeping the blog going as I really liked doing those posts and showing cards off from the 90's. You will also see some 90's posts on here and you have already, over the next couple of months. So if you didn't know I brought that blog back and have missed the last three NEW POSTS I am here to catch you up. Here are the links to those:

That 90's Card: 1997 Spx Herman Moore

That 90's Card: 1996 Topps Hobby Masters Kerry Collins

and the new post I just put up today:

 That 90's Card: 1996-1997 Fleer Kobe Bryant (Rookie)


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