Saturday, July 11, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Score Football Hobby Box (1/1 HIT)

In my next break from my vacay, I busted another box of 2015 Score football. I just liked the first one so much that another just had to been broken. If you missed my first break, you can find it HERE.

This box contained a few more surprises including my first 1/1 of a.....


In every box of 2015 Score football, there are 24 packs with 12 cards per pack. So you know you will be getting your money worth. Each pack comes with a couple inserts and 2-3 rookies and boxes will run you roughly $45. I paid $48 at the LCS.

I am going to skip over the design breakdown this time due to my review already of it. I am just going to jump straight to the goodies!

This was my only Jameis Winston in the two boxes. I am wondering it top rookies are a tougher pull.

My two photo variations. One of Aaron Rodgers, the other a Desert Camo of Richard Sherman.

My Scorecard finds. Best is Alshon.

Now comes the insert portion of this. I only showed my parallels of the inserts from my box. The regular inserts are not shown.


Giants Gold Team Leaders. Alright!

The tougher black find of the Dallas Cowboys Team Leaders.

Gridiron Heritage including a gold of my boy Strahan and a black of John Elway!

Red parallel of Peyton Manning.

Both camos and both of Dez Bryant. Don't like the player, but the die cuts and puzzle concept are still really cool.

Red and Gold....Red and Gold. Sorry, my inner Christmas fun came out.

And then came my hit in the box in the very last pack.......

BOOM!! My very first autographed 1/1 Printing Plate of SF rookie Dres Anderson. It's a black printing plate.
Overall, great box! Probably the best box I have opened of Score.....ever. I think I may be addicted as this didn't feed my need for Score and I want more. Stay tuned as I may hunt down more.

Have you tried this years Score football? What are your thoughts on it whether you have or haven't tried it? As always, your thoughts and comments are encouraged!

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