Thursday, October 27, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 27:1997 New Pinnacle Hobby Box Break Part 2: THE BIG PULL

Today marks the end of Cards I Got From Project Pedro month as my blog will move now with it's regularly scheduled program.

So I broke down the base cards a bit in 1997 New Pinnacle football in part one, now time for the hits!

In every box of 1997 New Pinnacle Football, you will find yourself with 18 packs. This box particularly was only $15 and the last one on the shelf. I have seen others go for much more but I will say this is probably the best $15 spent in the 90's or recently.

The base cards that aren't the fun pictures, show action shots and rookies are pictured at the premier. There is also an Instincts subset with QB's. I like how the names are presented on the regular base cards with them being shiny and elegant. The base are also thicker and feel high end with all of the gloss and appeal.

Here is a Wheatley base card for my Giants PC. Just so impressive.

Now time for those inserts.

Up first, 1:9 pulls of Museum Collection a Pinnacle standby since the earlier 90's.

Got a rockin' Kerry!

Up next, Epix which simply look Epic(x). Great design and many levels to collect. I was shocked to even find one since they fall 1:21 packs, so finding three, I was amazed. More impressive are the good players I hit as well.

And my final pull that literally fell into my hands from the pack, it was in a penny sleeve. A 1:2250 pull, the toughest to pull from the product and a 1/1, an authentic Press Plate.

The problem is, the player I pulled in Yatil Green. But hey, it's a great pull and one I will forever hold onto.
So $15 and some great pulls including a 1/1. I was left wanting more and more but not sure if I will find it. Great value.
A big, huge thanks goes out to Project Pedro Blog for this whopper of a trade and for all of the great cards. I look forward to our next trade.
Thoughts on my huge trade mail day month and of course thoughts on this product are welcomed below.


  1. Congrats on the plate....they are super rare from the 1990s...back plate too, even rarer!

  2. That is a fun break and the Collins is hilariously horrid