Thursday, October 27, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Triple Threads Baseball+BIG PULL AND BIG #d 1/3 GIVEAWAY!

Triple Threads baseball has been an iconic Topps brand now for over 10 years now and one that has a lot to offer from MLB players of the past and present with a deep checklist of autograph and memorabilia items. The cards have always looked really sharp as I have picked up many singles over the years from baseball and football.

So why don't we take a look at what the 2016 edition looks like,

In every hobby box of 2016 Topps Triple Threads baseball, there are two mini boxes. Inside of those mini boxes are one silver pack in each. Each hobby box will run you $170. So it's high end that not everyone can afford, but mini boxes wouldn't be a bad way to go here if you wanted to gamble.
Each Mini Box may contain VERSION 1 or VERSION 2:
VERSION 1 contains three base cards, two base Parallel cards,one Triple Relic Card AND one Triple Threads Unity Single Auto Jumbo Relic OR one Autographed Rookie Card.

VERSION 2 contains three base cards, two base Parallel cards,one AND 1 Autographed Triple Relic card + one Triple Threads Unity Jumbo Relic.
In every hobby box you should find the following,
  • One Autographed Triple Relic Card #'d to 99 or less
  • One Triple Relic Card #'d to 36 or less
  • One Autographed Rookie Card or Triple Threads Unity Autograph Jumbo Relic Card #'d to 99 or less
  • One Triple Threads Unity Jumbo Relic Card #'d to 36 or less
The base cards are what you would expect from a high end brand. Well designed, printed on high end cardboard (none of that flimsy stuff) and top notch checklist of players from present to past.

There are 100 cards in the base set.

As with any product today, there are parallels. Mine was Astro heavy. The upside down triangle behind the players head helps you differentiate what color you pulled. Besides the numbering.
 Here are the many options for base card parallels.
  • Amethyst Parallel - #'d to 250
  • Emerald Parallel - #'d to 200
  • Amber Parallel - #'d to 150
  • Gold Parallel - #'d to 99
  • Onyx Parallel - #'d to 50
  • Sapphire Parallel - #'d to 25
  • Ruby Parallel - #'d to 1
  • Printing Plates - All 1 of 1's!
Now time for the hits in my box!

This is a Triple Threads Unity Single Jumbo Relics. If I am going to get a one color swatch, I want it on a nice looking card as this. The base versions of these are #'d to 36. I pulled a silver that is #d to 27.
There are other parallels to:
  • Emerald Parallel - #'d to 18
  • Gold Parallel - #'d to 9
  • Sapphire Parallel - #'d to 3
  • Ruby Parallel - #'d to 3 
My next pull was an Autographed Rookie Card and a dreaded redemption card. Not something I would expect in a high end brand, but I guess it happens. I just wished it had been of a legend or big current player. Doesn't feel right being a rookie. But, I guess some or most of these are on-card so that works.

It's called Triple Threads for a reason....Triple the threads. This is an Triple Threads autograph card but it's also a Sapphire parallel numbered to 3. Base versions are numbered to 18.
Other parallels are....
  • Gold Parallel - #'d to 9
  • Ruby Parallel - #'d to 1
  • Wood Parallel - #'d to 1
  • Printing Plates - All 1 of 1
My final pull was a biggie, a Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Relic booklet that has 1 player with 3 relics, which include 2 patch pieces and 1 jumbo patch piece and is #d to 3.


BOOM! And it's Game Used! Such a sick card.
There are tons and tons of other finds not found in my box but in the product including,
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Combos
  • Triple Threads Letter Plus Relics
  • Triple Threads Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics
  • Triple Threads All-Star Patches
  • Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo ASG Patches
  • Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patches
  • Triple Threads All-Star Majestic Logo Patch
  • Triple Threads All-Star Laundry Tag,  
  • Deca Threads Auto Relics
  • Deca THREADS Auto Relic Combos
  • Deca Threads Relic Combos
  • Future Phenoms Auto Relics
  • Triple Threads Auto Relic Combos
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Autograph Relics
  • Triple Threads Letter Plus Autograph Relics
  • Triple Threads Cut Above Autograph
  • Triple Threads Dual Cut Above Autographs
  • Triple Threads Relics Legends
  • Triple Threads Relics
  • Triple Threads Bat Name Plates
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Letter/Number/Logos
  • Triple Threads Bat Knobs
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Relics
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Combos
  • Triple Threads Letter Plus Relics
And of course all of these have parallels as well. I would have listed what each card description is, but I think for the most part they are self explanatory and with so much offered I would be here awhile. They are however all really beautiful cards and I suggest you look some up on eBay or Google to see some of these for yourself. It may help you decide to buy a box other than my review of course ;)
You should also check out this article on Topps about the All-Star jerseys they included in the product. Read that HERE.

I also have the 2016 Topps Triple Threads baseball checklist available for you to that I found on the GoGTS website. I couldn't find it on Topps. You can check that out, HERE. It's pretty loaded.
Overall, this is what I would come to expect from a high end brand. Low numbered cards, well designed and some HUGE hits that await. You can't guarantee that every break is going to turn out as well as mine did, but, that's the risk you take with any high end product. This one on the other hand I think has so much to offer that if I was to roll the dice on high end, this would be the one I would take a chance on. 
If you can't afford the gamble, definitely get yourself in on a box break or try a mini box. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Now time for the GIVEAWAY. This is how this is going to work:
20 Entries or less,
This is the contest:
35 Entries or less,
This will be tossed in to another winner. So two winners
50 Entries
This will be tossed in to another winner. So three winners. Yes, this is 1/3!!!!!
I strongly suggest you spread the word on this one! I know we can hit 50 entries and we have a week to do so! Not to mention, spreading the word and commenting with so earns you an extra entry!

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  9. If you don't follow all of the rules above, you will be disqualified.
  10. Don't forget to thank the above sponsor of this contest and I won't mind a thank you as well :)
Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. Pro: Chance for a gigantic hit.
    Con: Price is outrageous for most people.

  2. Nice pulls and nice Pujols! Pros would be a great checklist of players as well as a nice variety of parallels. The biggest con in my opinion is the price.

  3. Thanks to Topps and SCC for another great review and giveaway!
    Pro - Nice looking cards with the chance to pull MONSTER hits
    Con - Price per card kinda necessitates that you pull a monster so you don't have buyer's remorse in a big way

    Great pull on the Anderson, even if it is a redemption.

  4. Pro are the look of the cards. I have always wanted to open my own box

    Con I can't afford to open my own box. So I don't even take a chance on buying into breaks of this because your chances of getting his are Slim to None with the amount of cards in the box.



  5. Wow this is awesome review. And thank you Topps for helping out. And thank you for the giveaway. I would love to see what that Tim Anderson card looks like now so hope he can sign soon. Because this Whitesox fan would love this! Pro- love the design of the cards every year never a bad hit in the boxes . Con- just wish it was a bit cheaper so I could afford more of these boxes

  6. Nice! I think this is a cool product, but I wish it had more on-card autos, less stickergraphs.

    I retweeted you..

    Thanks for another great contest!

  7. That's a sick Albert book! The pro is the quality of the hits. The booklets and the deck-booklets are insane. The con unfortunately is the price. It's a big hit or miss product. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Thanks for the contest and to Topps for the box. Triple threads has become a major program in the hobby.

    Pro is the possibility of a major hit like the one you pulled. Con is the inclusion of some very questionable players on the hit checklist given the product configuration and as always their terrible customer service in handling redemptions.

  9. Tweetered.

    While I've never opened this set, I must say I love me some book cards. Like others, I do wish such a high end product would get rid of sticker-graphs entirely. I'll stick to my Ginter.

  10. Love the potential hits you can pull in this product and they always look nice! However it is a huge risk as from the price standpoint.

  11. Fantastic opportunity here. Thanks to Sportscard Collectors!
    Pro- Wide array of patches and lots of color always make TTT a hot item.
    Con- TTT price always made me shy away because it truly is a hot or miss product. Box price a little salty to end up with a few $10-$15 cards.

  12. Pro- Beautiful patches on some big name players.
    Con - The growing trend of a few cards per pack and price per pack steadily rising.
    Thank you for the opportunity
    Tweeted from @Sam_Zozaya

  13. As is always the case with this type of product--
    Pro: Some great cards in those boxes
    Con: I'm usually priced out of them.

    I gave you a mention on my blog.

  14. Pro: Great looking cards. That Pujols book is beautiful.
    Con: So many parallels that it seems to diminish the low numbering.
    Tweeted from @gostlblues

  15. This is so awesome, thank you and to topps too!!!
    Like you said, the designs look great, you're rolling the dice on hits, hoping for the best.
    One negative is the sticker autos
    No more sticker autos!!!

  16. Pros: Plenty of drool worthy cards
    Cons: There's virtually no chance I'll ever be able to afford a box of my own.

    Good stuff, thanks Topps!

  17. Very thorough review - thank you Sport Card Collectors! Thanks to Topps as well for making this happen by providing the product!

    PRO: There are some incredible hits in this set & the cards are aesthetically designed!!! They look fantastic, especially those auto/relic cards & the jumbo patch cards! They also usually throw in some legendary player cards which enhances the value of the set!

    CON: Those hits can be far & in between if you don't purchase a case & hope for a case hit! The are high dollar cards & it almost turns into gambling ... and we tend to lose a lot at gambling!

    Here is our retweet link of your article:

    Thanks for the opportunity to review & comment! All the best -SpartyHawk Cache

  18. Pro: beautiful cards with nice hits
    Con: price

  19. Pro: chance for uber hits. Con: most people are saying price, I will say like to see more focus on retired vets. Twitter share:

    Thank you

  20. Pro: I love the die-cut letters over the jersey swatches.
    Con: High price, but sticker autos.

  21. Here is where I shared the contest:

  22. Pro: auto patch cards are a beauty in this set
    Con: this product feels like it could use a refresh

    Here is my share on Twitter:

  23. Pro is there are huge pulls to be had of amazing looking cards!

    Cons- The booklet cards are a lot fatter and heavier than the normal packs and thus make the boxes heavier. Also there are stated case hits so once those are pulled you are spending $170 on a lame box. I might sound paranoid but just my thoughts.

    You pulled a fantastic box and congratulations!


      Here is my retweet

  24. Thanks for the review and contest!
    Pro: BIG hit potential, some major monsters
    Con: Personally, I've never been a fan of the words as silhouettes on these cards, but that's just me. Cost of the product is a big one, huge gamble as I've seen a lot of stinkers in here.

  25. Great Review
    Pro: Big hits , with a nice design.Hit cards look great
    Cons: Price and sticker autos.

  26. Pro: Triple is better than double...or single. More threads!
    Con: It's slightly worse than Quadruple Threads. I am waiting for that to drop around Christmas.


  27. Thanks to @toppscards for another great product. So many pros about this product. Beautiful design bright colors and patchs. Monster hit potential. Really great looking cards. Cons - as always with a high end product, high risk equals potential high reward. I wish they could come down just a little bit on the price.
    Great review and very generous giveaway. Thank you.

  28. When I think of this product, I think of the phrase "Go big or go home." You can pull some amazing cards from this product. My best pull ever came from 2008 TT. However, I've also seen the opposite end of this as well. I made a trade last year for two boxes. They were so bad, that I may have gotten about $20 worth of cards in each box.

    If can afford to lose $200 on a box of cards, give it a try. Otherwise, stick to singles. You can pick up cheap telics from your favorite team and a fraction of the cost of a box.

    Finally, I recommend staying away from random case breaks of this product. I paid $65 once and got zero cards from a 9-box case. Not even a base card!

  29. Pros: Sharp looking cards, nice multi color patches
    Cons: Still using redemptions for such a high end product

  30. Thanks to you and to Topps for the review and contest!

    Pros: Card design of the base and hits.
    Cons: Price and parallels galore...I get it for the more affordable sets, but you're spending $170 for a handful of cards and so you have to worry about high-end rainbows?

  31. Thanks for the review, the contest, and commitment to the hobby. Topps, thanks for sending out some product so guys could show off the heat.

    Pros: best relic cards on the market...not every card is the best, but as a whole...the collection of patches and relics are top notch

    Cons: take out the solid single patches...high enough end product where every hit could be an auto, triple relic, or at least multi-colored

    Twitter - @moneylonecards
    Email - moneylonecards@outlook.Com

  32. Pro: Pretty good looking and rare due to low numbering relic cards

    Con: As many have said, out of price range for most folks.

    Thanks for the contest.

  33. Brandon L

    Pro = great sets for patch collectors
    Cons = too few cards in each box

  34. Pro- The parallels and other hits are very nice.
    Con- The price point is a bit high and the amount of cards in the box does not help with that.

  35. Thanks to Topps for providing that!
    Pro: Hits look great!
    Con: Price is still high on the product

  36. Awesome of Topps to provide the box for you to break. Thanks for the contest.
    Pro: My favorite part of Triple Threads is seeing the words that they choose to place the relic pieces behind.
    Con: The price is just too high for me to buy boxes. I'm limited to purchasing singles.

  37. A big thanks to Topps for providing the awesome box and of course a major thanks to you for the review and for sharing these beauties.
    Pro: tremendous hit potential year after year
    Con: redemptions! This is an ongoing con for me across this hobby and I remain hopeful that we'll see these go someday.
    The link to my tweet for the extra entry: Check out @HookEmMikeE's Tweet:

  38. Pro- the use of the relics and the card design
    Con- the price and often the rocks or diamonds aspect of the product (and redemptions Lol- -although if I win the redemption I can live with it lol)

  39. Pro: Awesome Inserts and Parallels
    Con: Of course the price and having to deal with redemption cards.

  40. Thanks to both you and Topps for the review.
    Pro - design and number of various hits available
    Con - price is rough, buy it appears you get what you pay for


  41. Thanks for the giveaway to you and Topps.
    Pro..the awesome relics used.
    Cons..always my con..sticker graphs.


  42. shared :)


  43. Pro: High end, beautiful product
    Con: way too expensive. Also, like others mentioned, redemption cards are annoying

  44. Pro: Triple Threads has some of the best designs for base and hits out of any other products.
    Con: Too many redemption cards in this years product.

    Thanks for the contest!

  45. Thanks to Topps and Sport Card Collectors for the chance

    One Pro Amazing Cards

    con A little expensive for the ordinary guy

  46. Pro: The pure elegance of all cards
    Con: The price is too steep

    1. Check out Paul Ender (@PaulEnder1):

  47. I really love this product I mean their are so many variations and the cards are really good looking the only con is the price

  48. Always has nice hits. Love the look of the base this year. Price is too much for me though.



  50. I've always loved TTT, but have only ever bought 1 box. I realized, I could use the same money long ago to buy all of the A's singles that I want/need instead of chancing it on a huge hit. Now, my A's PC is probably one of the best I've ever seen, but it does lack some of the big hits to along with the one of everything I've tried for. I will get into a few TTT breaks now and again in an attempt to hit a low numbered Henderson or McGwire. Overall, I love the product. I just wish I could afford to buy a retail box. As you can see from the above break, the cards are gorgeous!

    Twitter: ourtradingcards

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. As the sole designer of Triple Threads for past several years, it's nice to come across such positive comments regarding the design. I stumbled upon this article while refreshing my memory on what past years looked like while designing 2017's TT. PS, nice pull on the Book card.

    Sam Roberts
    Art Director

    1. Thanks Sam. You did an amazing job on the product. You should be proud.