Saturday, July 29, 2017

Box Of Goods Part 2

Yesterday, I showed off some of the outer contents of this box.

Now time to dig deep in and show off some pretty cool cards I got in a trade.

We start it off with some Derek Jeters. I am considering condensing my PC list down some. I might just narrow my Yankee needs and wants to Jeter and Judge.

My first Jeter mini.

And the Jeter card from Archives I really wanted and now have. Well, I mean besides an autograph.

Some new Paul Perkins. I need to round up my Optic and see how many of the rainbow I have not that I would ever consider going down that road again because putting rainbows together can be costly.

New Sheps! Love the Select Blue Diec Cut one.

Odell Beckham Jr Topps Chrome refractor rookie. I don't think I have the base version of this but glad to have the refractor now! #chromerules

Ken Griffey Jr new additions. The home run derby card I totally dig!

UD Holgogram. Anytime I can add new ones I will definitely jump at the chance.

Thurman! My oldest Munson card now.

Patrick Ewing rookie sticker. Wicked awesome!
Some Americana additions. I always welcomed any non-sport relics and autographs.

A new Judge.

And to finish this mail day off, another new Judge. This time refractor style!
A big thanks goes out to Grady M for another great mail day and trade. I hope you liked your return mail day as well and I look forward to the next box in my mail box.


  1. Lot's of sweet cards in this box to talk about...

    A. That Archives Jeter (rookie) is a SP.
    B. That Munson is sweet! Love that photo.
    C. Sweet Ewing rookie sticker!
    D. Chuck Woolery relic? Nice.