Saturday, October 12, 2019

Episode 14:Going Die Cut

Cool looking die cuts? Yep. Nice inserts? Yup. Not cardboard? Yup.

Collectors Edge was all of the above. They had the edge as I would call it.

In my latest additions from @card_a_holic I was able to add some cool looking inserts from Collectors Edge starting with todays.

These are 1995 Collectors Edge Instant Replay EdgeTech Die Cuts. There is almost a complete set from what he sent but I still have a few more to go.

I don't remember these at all, but I liked the design and thought "hey, why not and why not try to finish the set at this point?"

There were 12 in all to collect. I assume by their value these weren't particularly hard pulls back then.

Tim Brown. The design is simply a helmet die cut that features the team color on the helmet while the rest is blue.

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall

William Floyd

Dan the Man!


Steve Young

Set is a little 49ers heavy, but they had a great team and a Super Bowl winning one the previous year so it makes sense.

Thanks for these Brian!

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  1. Don't remember these either... but it's interesting that with a 12 card checklist they'd include Floyd. As a Bay Area guy, I know he was popular... but not that popular. If you're gonna put in another 49er... how about Jerry Rice.