Friday, May 2, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2014 Sage Hit Football

I recently broke a blaster box of Sage Hit football, my first break of the 2014 football card season, and I found myself pretty excited with the results.

New to this years Sage Hit is one extra autograph per blaster. Where else can you get 3 autographs and a ton of cards for $20? Great deal!

They stuck with the basics here for the base card design:

Same goes with the subset:

Now onto the autographs:

BOOM! Potential #1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft
I think this break went as well as it could have. Clowney auto, tons of cards from stars like Clowney, Bridgewater, and Bortles among others.

 If I recommended any early football card product for 2014 it would by far be this one. The only issue I have with this product is the autographs being packed separately, leading to a whole lot of base card pack opening, and the lack of retail inserts. If they can fix this, I have said this for the last three releases, this would be a much more go to retail buy. I did however love the added auto to this years product.

Your thoughts are always welcomed!

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