Sunday, May 4, 2014

Your Thoughts On That 90's Sport Card Blog

Well, our brother blog, THAT 90'S SPORT CARD BLOG, has been going good so far and is over a month old but is still not where I want it in terms of popularity like this blog. So I was wondering, how many of you visit it on a daily basis like this one? What else would you like to see from that blog (take in account it is only a month old so a lot more to come)? And just wondering what your overall thoughts are on the blog? And if you haven't visited it yet to give your thoughts, please visit the link above and let us know.

As always, I strive to put something on here and now on there worth you guys reading. So your thoughts are encouraged. Thank you!

Also on another note, starting today I will be doing a post daily about That 90's Sport Card Blog informing you what is being posted for the day over there.

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