Saturday, July 1, 2017

World Series Prize So Far is just a tiny sneak peek at what the World Series winner will take home from just me in the MLB Pick Em Promo contest. The BCW Prize I will keep under-wraps.

The box still has plenty of room and I still have plenty of stuff on my desk to add from a variety of reviews and this is just still the beginning of the baseball season.

Here is just a stack of inserts. Some numbered ones mixed in.

Numbered cards and examples of some of the inserts. These are some of the better ones that are not in the stack above.

There will be plenty of hits from a variety of products. I haven't added them all in yet, but here is just a sneak peek. Most of them are numbered.

The lowest numbered of the group so far is this Marcus Simien /3 and Sonny Gray auto /25.
Still much more to add and lots of baseball season left. If you are not in the MLB Pick Em Promo yet, you surely are missing out on monthly prizes and a chance at this prize that will continuously grow til the end. I may update whats in this box one more time, but wanna leave some surprises in suspense towards the end.

Good luck to those that are already in the promo and those of you that may be influenced after seeing these.


  1. Happy 4th of July and thanks for all you do for's much appreciated.

  2. Wow! This prize has got to rate right up there with the biggest prizes in baseball blog history! After all the prize cards/supplies are revealed, I challenge anyone to name a bigger baseball blog prize (excluding company blogs).