Saturday, November 16, 2019

$25 A Week Challenge Week 2:Pop Goes The Funkos

Welcome back to the second week of my newest segment. I hope you enjoyed the first.

I mentioned last week that this series could be full of surprises, meaning you never know what I am going to pick up which week. With a PC full of cards, toys and who knows what, you never know what you will see on here today.

While searching for some Power Ranger figures I wanted to add, I stumbled upon some Funko Pops for an incredible price. I was kind of hesitant at first whether I wanted to hit the purchase button and let them sit in my cart for awhile, but looking at the prices I landed them for and it came via FedEx for Free Shipping....YES FREE SHIPPING. I just couldn't say no.

I was able to snag the Yellow Ranger for $3.80

The Red Rangers for $4.75

and the Blue Ranger for $4.75. These are not like the original rangers, well the picture on the front of the box is, but the figures themselves are glittery see through. Still pretty cool. I need to locate the final two now. I bet I won't land them for that price though.

After landing those cheap. I went cheap Saquon looking. Grabbed this one for $1.35

The next one, a Variation from 2019 Donruss, I got for $1.50

And this Absolute Memorabilia foil insert for $1.49

Before Darius Slayton got hot, his cards were dirt cheap. I grabbed this one for $3.96 and that includes shipping. These metal cards are pretty slick.

And the final snag was this 1998 Playoff Momentum retail pack for $3. I did an auction for this one as the person listing it labeled it as 1997 Fleet football pack. Not sure how I stumbled on it but it was a good deal to me.

Today's grand total....drum$24.55. Not too shabby and we stayed under $25.

I'll be back again next week with a new round of cards and items. 

So I will now pass this onto you, what would you have bought this week for $25 and under?


  1. I picked up a 2019 Topps Holiday set for $25 earlier in the week, because I have zero access to them and I really like the design this year.

  2. It's gonna be fun to see what's in that pack!

    1. Just hoping I can get that posted soon. Little behind