Saturday, November 30, 2019

$25 A Week Challenge Week 4:Trippin' Back To The 90's

This week's $25 A Week Challenge is a bit more recent pickups as opposed to previous episodes. Mainly because I had to upload the photos and was being lazy about putting together the older ones this time even though there is some great stuff to uncover.

So as everyone well knows from reading this blog, I love the 90's and shiny stuff. I recently found seller trying to unload a ton. There were no bids and free shipping and those two things were up my alley so I put in the base bidding on won them.

Here's what I was able to snag for cheap,

1997 Topps Chrome Refractor Waters for $1.05

Frerotte won't be ramming his head into Giants stadium with this snag for .99

Dwayne Bates rookie refractor from 1999 Topps Chrome .99

Cecil Collins Topps Chrome refractor for .99

Bowman's Best Best Cuts refractor for $1.63. This one believe it or not actually had a few bids on it.

2000 Bowman Chrome refractor By Selection with Steve McNair for .99

This was .49. Can't pass up an atomic refractor for that

Another atomic, this one was .99

Bowman's Best Kyle Brady Rookie Refractor .99

The secret is out! I am starting a super collection of Kerry Collins and this one was for .99. Not a bad start to the new PC.

Well, that was it from one seller. But, I had cash to spend, so here was the rest.

1996 Collectors Edge Game Ball that was actually game used. I thought they didn't do game used footballs til 97 or 98, so that was a nice surprise. Card is beautiful too.

Back of the card. Even snagged it with free shipping for $4

Darius Slayton auto. I said, hey why not for $2.25+$3.66 shipping.

And something non card, a full size Darkwing Duck Saint Vincent Souvenir stamp sheet. Darkwing is leaping at Quackerjack and I was able to make an offer of $1.50 with free shipping for it so I will take that.

Today's grand total is.......$21.51. I had some cash left over, but didn't want to overdo it so will settle for this.

You see all that I grabbed for the cheap price, so what would you have grabbed this past week for $25?


  1. I've lifted weights with Kyle Brady a few times. Nice guy. Nice to see his stuff coming up on your posts.

    1. Very cool! I have quite a few Brady cards

  2. The Collins GU ball is very cool! I didn't know those GU cards were made as early as '96 either. I don't think I saw any until 1998 or '99.

    I've been preparing for the COMC Black Friday sale all week, so if I had $25 to spend I'd probably grab the Dominique Wilkins auto sitting on my watch list.

    1. That would be a great pickup!! Hopefully you get the chance to grab it.

  3. I really like the Holiday Match Up insert. Best of luck on your Collins PC. They made a ton of his cards back in the day, so you should be able to build that collection up fairly quickly while staying on a budget.

    As for my purchases, I picked up a 1993 Score Jeter RC, a 1987 ProCards Larry Walker, and a 96/97 Metal Kobe Bryant RC... all graded PSA 8 for $18.30.

    1. Those are some solid pickups for under $20!

  4. That was a great week's worth of purchases, there are few things better than cheap atomic refractors!