Friday, March 18, 2016

REVIEW:2015-2016 Panini Gold Standard Basketball

For only the second time in my collecting career, I had the opportunity to bust a box of Gold Standard. My first time of opening it, went extremely well. This will see.
In every box of 2015-2016 Panini Gold Standard Basketball there is 1 Pack Per Box with 7 Cards Per Pack that includes1 Rookie Jersey Autograph card and 2 additional autograph or memorabilia cards. Boxes run about $150 per. So it's high end.

Every box should come with three numbered base cards. They are numbered to 299. I personally think the base cards look great and I have no complaints on the design. The gold foil shine with color player photo and team logo in the back stand out. However, My player selection was a bit weak.
Along with the base cards, you will also find one parallel per box. Mine was of the great Gary Payton and is numbered to 79. The card is embossed and has a superfractor appeal.
Now onto the hits.

My first autograph is a Mother Lode of Dontas Motiejunas from the Rockets. This guy hasn't played in the NBA much and has spent a lot of his career overseas after being drafted by the Timberwolves then traded to Houston. It's disappointing to find this type of player in a high-end product.

At least the design is nice and sticks with the gold theme throughout the product.
My next find was a Gold Scripts autograph of another Houston Rocket, this time an upgrade in Calvin Murphy. This Hall of Famers autograph is numbered to 99. I must also make note he has a pretty nice signature.
My final hit involves a player from one of my least favorite NBA teams and my favorite college one, Justise Winslow of the Miami Heat/Duke Bluedevils.
Winslow was the 10th overall pick in the draft but hasn't quiet found his way in the NBA yet. His season high in points was actually done this week against the Pacers and that was for 20. Justise is getting there, just taking time.
The design of these rookie autos is familiar to one I had seen in a football product, I am thinking Absolute, but is well done and balances nicely when it comes to layout. I must note the autograph is also on-card and that the card is numbered to 99.

You will find one of these rookie autographs per box.
Overall, I am a bit disappointed compared to the only other box of Gold Standard I had opened. It felt very lackluster for a product that costs as much as it does for this few amount of cards. I know every box can't drop a Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant autograph, but there has got to be a balance somewhere. Pulling a Dontas Motiejunas auto is a bit scary in a product like this.
The product when it comes to just looks, top notch. Cards are golden and are printed on nice card stock. Rookie autos are on-card so that should make many happy. Other than value vs cost I couldn't find much wrong with it.

So in my opinion, if you like to roll the dice, it's a great product and has a ton of sweet cards you could pull. If you are one to be more focused on getting your money back every time, I would hesitate. Gold Standard has a lot to offer, it's just landing the right box. 
For further details and gallery, check out Panini's blog, HERE. 

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  1. Man. Seeing The Glove in his Sonics jersey brings back great memories.