Friday, October 21, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 21:1999 Topps Gold Label Football Hobby Box Break

Elegant. Shiny. Appealing. Collectible. Rare.

These are just some of the words I can use to describe Topps Gold Label. I bought a good amount back in my day but never a box. The product was way too high end for me and my wallet. But, now, prices are a bit more steady and taking a risk on something like this is worth it.

It also seems fitting that I put this up today as Topps has revived the brand for baseball which releases today.

Every box of 1999 Topps Gold Label football hobby comes with 24 packs of 5 cards. Boxes run under $40 so it's a good buy especially if you pull some of the rarer cards or just like the shiny goodness cause....

Even the wrappers are shiny.....

The base cards can be a bit confusing at times if you are new to Gold Label with the many different levels. But, it's really easy to tell the difference, just look on the back. Class 1 are the base, Class 2 are tougher and Class 3 are the toughest. I put them in order from left to right. Each player has a card in each class and each photo is different.

Base cards as a whole however, look amazing and are printed on some nice thick card stock.

You can see that here in the beginning of my Tim Couch Class Rainbow. This is Class 1 and 2.

The base cards also have parallels. These are Black Label. It's hard to see it, but the gold names are darker or what they call Black. Got a McNabb so that was a pretty solid find not that Johnson or Flutie are terrible.
Here is a base card parallel next to a black to help you see it better. It's also a nice PC find for me. On the left is the base and the Black Label is on the right. There are also much tougher Red Label variations to find that I believe are numbered to 100 or less depending on the Class.

The inserts are pretty snazzy in the product to as it follows suit of the rest of it.

These also have parallels and all have a theme of chasing someone's records.

Chasing Walter Payton is here. Barry and TD, not going to complain.
Chasing Jerry Rice. I think I know a Packers fan that may request this card.
Eric Moulds is an parallel Black Label that falls 1:40 packs also alongside the base version.

Chasing Dan Marino. Can't go wrong with Brett.
Jake Plummer is the Black Label parallel that falls 1:40 packs next to his base. Wished it had been the Favre but I was always a fan of Jake The Snake so not too shabby.
Overall, I think I got my money worth. It's sometimes not always about the money either. Just the nostalgia and the fun is more valuable then anything else which is the way I feel about the hobby as a whole. For those of you who haven't gone back to break something in the beginning of your collecting career, I strongly recommend it. It's really refreshing and puts a perspective on how much collecting has changed to today.
I am not saying I started collecting in 1999 as I started in 1993, but just busting this simple product was fun but made me realize how much emphasis everyone puts on hits in a product today. It's actually quite sad.

Thoughts on today's break or Gold Label in general are welcomed below.


  1. Those are nice looking cards! I do like the two Packers, there, especially Freeman. He's a double PC guy (Packers and Hokies)!!!

  2. I've loved the Gold Label brand since day one...some spectacular cards. I am looking for a box of the 1999-00 NBA set. I never completed the set despite doing a box and being only 100 cards, but my empty box got destroyed by water damage so I need to replace it. Might as well get the cards inside, too! I pulled my first 1\1 from the set from a single pack purchase when it was new, too.

  3. Nice stuff.. I always love Gold Label, though am partial to the baseball version. I'm curious about the revived product coming out.

    Also, if you bought this box, why is it listed as a Project Pedro Trade Recap? Just wondering. I was gonna say, if he sent you this box, that's very generous!

    1. There were 5 boxes involved in our monster trade. This was one of them. I posted others already and my best one is next week. Best card is next week too. He is a very good trader

  4. I have always been a big fan of the Gold Label and that they used three different images for the three levels of Class so you could tell the difference right away.

    1. Also the Red Label parallels are #/100

    2. Updated. Also noticed that other levels are lower. I think class 3 is /25