Friday, October 11, 2019

Episode 10: Feeling Invicible In This Pack Break

The mid to late 90's had some of the coolest base card set around. One of those was 1997 Pacific Invincible. I can't tell you how many great Pacific products there were as I can't even count that high but this was one of them. Sadly it didn't last long as a product line.

Every pack of 1997 Pacific Invincible you will find three cards. I paid a tad more for this one than a few other packs landing me a $2.50 price. Each pack comes with one Invincible base and one smash mouth or two smash mouth or one smash mouth and one insert.

Pack odds

Nice addition to my Kerry Collins PC. Smash Mouth insert.

No parallel or insert for me, another Smash Mouth. This time Jim Miller

And my Invincible base was Troy Davis rookie. I really dig all of the foil and inset acetate photo.

Back of the card

Most may say ,waste of money. Not me. I was pretty happy with this and I am planning on adding the Pacific Invincible base set to my needs soon. I can cross Troy Davis off so far.


  1. I love this set, always have, and always will! Getting the chance to open one of these packs again could never be called a waste of money :)

  2. Back in the 90's, I wasn't a big fan of Pacific products. Way too much gold for me. But I always had a soft spot for Invincible, because it combined cardboard and acetate. These days, I have a much deeper appreciation for Pacific trading cards... not really for their designs... but for their well-cropped action shots.

  3. Oh wow, I remember seeing this at the local card shop back in the day! Always great checking out fellow hobbyists blog sites. Ours is at if you have the time!