Saturday, October 12, 2019

Episode 16:Refractors From 1998

More goodies from my trade with @card_a_holic reveals some awesome Topps Chrome refractors!

Back in the 90's, things were much easier when it came to refractors. We only had one and the one only fell 1:12 packs or two per box. None of this every  pack thing.

The cards were also easy defined by an R on the back somewhere depending on the year letting us know it was one.

Let's check out the four he passed along,
Jocquez Green

Shannon Sharpe

Jason Sehorn, which I didn't even have for my Giants PC

and my man Mark Brunell

Believe me, there were points I considered chasing these as a set but not only would it be impossible, but expensive. One can dream though right?

I am building the 1998 Topps Chrome base set though. One of the bigger cards I have left to get is the Randy Moss so if you see one you know who to contact.

Thanks for these Brian!

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