Saturday, September 21, 2019

Best NPN Cardboard I Have Ever Gotten

A few weeks ago, Upper Deck must have sent out their NPN mail days as I saw them strewn throughout Twitter.

I have always been a big Upper Deck supporter and definitely a big fan of their NPN program which is done all online unlike other companies where you must mail it in. Another positive about Upper Deck's NPN program is they just don't send out complete junk or plain inserts, they will sometimes surprise you.

I have had fairly good success in the past with Upper Deck NPN's but nothing like today's mail day.

Unlike the past where Upper Deck would send products separately, it appears they doubled up on my for one package. I wasn't even expecting anything as I hadn't been entering or remembering to do it every time like I used to.

But, I must have hit some luck because they sent pure gold.

Eeli Tovanen Young Guns

And then under it....
Holy Smokes! Ray Bourque auto!!!! And it's on card with a piece of his stick and numbered to 27. Whoa!

I was really blown away. I am also happy that it was a player I can relate to. Ray is the one and only athlete I have ever met and got an in-person autograph of. So this card is my first certified auto from a company of him. I don't plan on moving it at all. Great PC piece.

Now if only I can land an autograph card of Wayne Gretzky.....some day.

Thanks to Upper Deck for this amazing NPN mail day and I suggest those of you who don't enter them, to do so!