Friday, September 6, 2019


Hey guys!
So far this year on the blog has been the biggest and best year to date and I wanted to take a minute and thank you readers by hosting a giveaway. Maybe one of the biggest I have done.

The prize, well, the winner can be ANY, ANY six cards out of this lot of four pictures.

Thomas Fish mini Sp in this lot

 For the autograph lovers

 I know someone must want this /10 Black Refractor

Yeah, I put this in there. I bet this will be the biggest want.

Here are the rules and how to enter. There are three ways to do so. ENTRANTS MUST HAVE A U.S. SHIPPING ADDRESS and must acknowledge that the prize will be shipped safely PWE and that I am not or Topps responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. I will ship it safe as I can but can't promise that the USPS will handle it that way.

Here is how you enter. Depending on how you are reading this there are three different ways.
  1. BLOGGERS: Pick out your favorite post on this blog from this year or past years, post a link of it on your blog and tell me why it was your favorite and do your own post related to the one you chose of mine. Such as if I am talking about a favorite PC card, show yours or if you choose a Origins story about my favorite song, do yours. Comment on this post with a link to your blog post.
  2. TWITTER FOLLOWERS: Tweet out your favorite Sport Card Collectors post this year or in the past and tell YOUR followers why you liked it and make sure to tag me @SportCardCollec so I can see your entry. If not, I can't count it as I didn't see it.
  3. FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS: Post on your own wall your favorite post from Sport Card Collectors from this year or the past and make sure to tag Sport Card Collectors in your post so I can see it.
ONE WINNER from all three social media platforms will win on and be announced in the comments of this post. You all will have a week to complete this. There is a shot for two winners, one grand prize winner who gets to pick their cards first and then a second who can pick from what's left, IF this turns really big. By really big, I expect 50 entries combined the three platforms.

Thanks for reading as always and there will be more to come from this blog including more changes down the road.

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