Saturday, September 28, 2019

Blast From The Past:1999 Bowman Chrome Football 1 Pack Break

In 1999, a flick with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone called Blast From The Past came out. It was about a scientist named Calvin Webber who was played by Christopher Walken, that took his pregnant wife in a deep underground fallout shelter in 1962 when he thought a nuclear war was imminent. During that time, their son Adam played by Fraser (who seemed to had been in every late 90's movie) was born and was exposed to only the culture of 1962 in the shelter such as the music and TV shows of the time. Life was accustomed to not being at the surface. 

Fast forward 35 years later, their supplies and food was running low so someone would have to come above ground and take a risk to get new products. That was supposed to be Calvin, up until he was ill from stress from his one visit to the surface. So his son Adam would have to venture out in a world he had never met.....

This segment takes a look at products that may have been hidden in a underground fallout shelter for over 20 years and now just coming back out to be me. Guess you can call me Adam even though my name is Matt. These are products I opened when I was first collecting and is a Part Of My Past, but may not have a memory or a Origins story to attach to them. Most products I post on
here will, but some won't and those will be covered in this new segment.These products will be between the years of 1995-1999 only.

Let's just hope my experience with these breaks is better than Adams first visit to the surface.

So let's take a Blast From The Past with a one pack break of 1999 Bowman Chrome Football!

I found someone on eBay selling packs of this for $1.99 and who can turn that down? I had an eBay gift card to use up and what better way to do so then to buy a retro pack to break especially one I broke in my youth and one that is covered in chrome.

Each pack of Bowman Chrome comes with 4 cards. Just like it's Topps Chrome counterpart

Here are the pack backs

Let's see if anything bodacious pops out.

Enis was a Top 5 draft pick that only made it three years in the league after not living up to expectations and many injuries which forced him to retire early.

Larry Parker Jr was drafted by the Chiefs in the 4th round of the 1999 NFL Draft. Didn't get to play much and career wasn't long only lasting a couple of years.

Douglas had a career of injuries playing four seasons in the NFL mostly with the Eagles after the Raiders drafted him in 1999.

Eric Moulds was the best player from my pack. He played 12 seasons for 3 teams and made 3 Pro Bowls

Well this was a blast from the past in terms of player names and card design, but overall, a very painful pack break. At least I get to have experienced it again and bring back those warm memories.


  1. Always like when they use the same design across sports as I recognize this from the baseball design.

  2. Oh yeah. Good stuff. I remember busting open packs of this stuff looking for Ricky Williams and Tim Couch. There were a few guys from this rookie class to have decent careers, but I think Champ Bailey is the only one who made it into Canton.

  3. I only recognized one name here (Moulds)! There's not much more that I can add to this one, other than to remind you that they can't all be great packs, sometimes you're gonna get a stinker.