Friday, September 20, 2019

Blast From The Past:1995 Playoff Prime Football

In 1999, a flick with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone called Blast From The Past came out. It was about a scientist named Calvin Webber who was played by Christopher Walken, that took his pregnant wife in a deep underground fallout shelter in 1962 when he thought a nuclear war was imminent. During that time, their son Adam played by Fraser (who seemed to had been in every late 90's movie) was born and was exposed to only the culture of 1962 in the shelter such as the music and TV shows of the time. Life was accustomed to not being at the surface. 

Fast forward 35 years later, their supplies and food was running low so someone would have to come above ground and take a risk to get new products. That was supposed to be Calvin, up until he was ill from stress from his one visit to the surface. So his son Adam would have to venture out in a world he had never met.....

This segment takes a look at products that may have been hidden in a underground fallout shelter for over 20 years and now just coming back out to be me. Guess you can call me Adam even though my name is Matt. These are products I opened when I was first collecting and is a Part Of My Past, but may not have a memory or a Origins story to attach to them. Most products I post on here will, but some won't and those will be covered in this new segment.These products will be between the years of 1995-1999 only.

Let's just hope my experience with these breaks is better than Adams first visit to the surface.

So let's take a Blast From The Past with a one pack break of 1995 Playoff Prime Football!

I didn't open more than a pack of this product, mainly because Playoff was limited in my area as opposed to Topps and Score, but I did get to experience it. It was in 1996 when Playoff became more prevalent in my area.

There was a lot of great inserts to find in here including the Pigskins Previews printed on a leather surface. I had high hopes so let's see if they stayed.

Carl Pickens was best known for the Bengals in which he was underrated as a WR. Played there for 7 seasons and made two Pro Bowls.

Derrick Alexander played for 4 teams in 8 seasons.

Natrone Means is probably best remembered with the Chargers, but I didn't get any interest in him til he was on the Jags. He played for four teams in 7 seasons.

Raghib Rocket Ismail was a speedy WR. He played for four teams in 10 seasons. He was best known for him college play more than the NFL.

Bennett was a dominant LB who played mainly for the Bills. But, 4 teams in 13 seasons overall. He was also a 5 time Pro Bowler.

Krieg played for 18 seasons and 6 teams. Best known for his Lions times with me. He was a 3x Pro Bowler.

Fletcher played 8 seasons for the team that drafted him, the Chargers. Doesn't have a whole lot to show for his career other than staying with the one team as a RB.

Collins was supposed to take over for Jim Kelly when he stepped away from the game, but didn't live up to those expectations in Buffalo only last two seasons there. Instead he went on to 3 other teams in 15 seasons.

Well, I got this pack for roughly $1 so not much to lose here. More of a gain. Not a great pack in terms of players, but not a terrible rip for the memories of some of the players and ones I collected.

Stay tuned for more time travel breaks that have come from under the bunkers!


  1. I don't know, I think for the price of these, that you did pretty good... I guess it's just a matter of perspective.

  2. I've never once considered Krieg a Lion. He'll forever be a Seahawk in my mind.