Thursday, April 29, 2021

Breakin' Wax:2020 Absolute Football Blaster Box (Surprised Solid Pull!!)

Every blaster box of 2020 Absolute football comes with 8 packs of 8 cards in each. Each blaster that flippers don't get ahold of go for $20.

The base card design is okay. I chose to put Watson as my best Absolute base when I opened this in December when taking pictures. So ignore it now if you must.

Decent rookie card find.

Best rookie card find.

Another decent rookie card.

So far, so good on this box.

Green parallels....par good.

Not very good on this one. Nobody will take Russ' spot on that roster.

And holy moly good. Stunning card and a shocker for this break! This made the break!

More Jordan Love. I always pull this guy.

The GOAT. I hate to admit it but after he led the Bucs to the Super Bowl he is the man and proved it.

A couple other decent guys in inserts.

It was already a top notch break before the hit and I was happy as it was.
But landing another top pick relic card just sealed the deal. 

By far my best blaster break all of 2020 and it helped cheer up a time when I was dealing with kidney stones and kidney stone surgeries.


  1. Sweet Burrow pull. Hoping he can bounce back and be the QB we expect him to be. The Chase Young relic is great. Really good pull. With McCaffrey, Brady, Herbert etc as well this was a great box! fun post

  2. After hearing about Rodgers... it might be a good thing that you keep pulling Love.

  3. Wow, yeah - that is absolutely as good of a blaster that you can find! Congrats!

  4. Best cheap box I have seen in a while!

  5. Nice pulls here...thanks for showing them off!