Monday, April 19, 2021

The Rest

I am a week behind on this, which I apologize for, but here are the Birthday Presents that @gmccarthy sent along in our trade for the Lamar Jackson autograph.

Kicking off this post are two Project2020 cards. Last year I didn't have any interest in these cards whatsoever, but as I have added a few to my collection, I am beginning to be a fan. With the Jeter and McGwire adds, I now have 4 of the P2020 cards in my collection with no plans of moving any of them. If anything, I would like to add to them. Especially with 2 I really want off from my Top 20 list in the Project 2020 #199 Don C Mariano Rivera and the Project 2020 #383 Don C Derek Jeter.

Up next, a Donruss Junior rookie. I lost track of how many of these I have in my Griffey PC but I never get tired of seeing them.

LT! New card for my Giants collection.

Lamar Jackson pink Mosaic. This product brought the bling and I believe this is my first Jackson parallel from it.

And to end, a Darius Slayton autograph. This is also a Slayton autograph I didn't have.

Big thanks goes out to @gmccarthy for the birthday gifts. Even though this was our first time talking and our first trade, you nailed it all around with the gifts and trade. Thanks so much! I really hope to trade with you again.

Also if you haven 't traded with him, look at how well it went for me. I suggest you give him a trade!

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