Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A Good Apple

Twitter hobby is like a bag of apples, you will find the good ones and the bad ones but hoping most of the time that the good ones outweigh the bad.

For me, I have been lucky and found the good batches with a few rotten ones far and few in-between.

One of those good apples, I would say one of those shiny ones, is @Brent3323.

Not only are we passionate about the hobby and what we collect, but we also big Giants fans. Brent has sent me plenty of great Giants cards over the years and we have also made a lot of fun trades in that time as well.

Brent also has a heart of gold and is very generous.

You see that 1/1 printing plate above? Sent me that for my birthday.

This Civil War relic...same.

These two Joe Burrows? Yup. Happy Birthday to me.

Brent is also one of the best people to trade with as well.
I landed some really cool cards for my PC including this pink parallel of Saquon from Mosaic.

This eye dazzling Optic insert of Daniel Jones.

Prizm parallel of Danny Dimes.

Call To Arms silver parallel.

And then came the cards I really had my eye on in this trade.
Saquon was the only base card in Zenith I wanted and have been wanting. Can't believe I actually have it now.

Phoenix parallel. The color scheme on this one screams NYG.

And here was the biggie, my first Saquon Prizm parallel rookie! It's a thing of beauty!

Thanks again to Brent for being a good apple and friend. Thanks also for the trade and surprise birthday presents.

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  1. Very generous. What is the actual relic from on that Civil War card?