Friday, April 30, 2021

Puck Ya!

In my finale post of my mail day from Grady M, I could have made this into a month long series from everything he sent, I wanted to show off my favorite cards from the box packed full of goodies.

First up, a hockey card set I actually like a lot. These Dazzlers inserts are from Upper Deck flagship Hockey for this year and they look amazing. This set brings me back to the 90's with the design and flair and tempts me to chase it. 

However, there are 4 different versions with Blue, Green, Orange and Pink and each set comes with 100 cards.

Below I got a taste of a few different ones,

But I at least got a few to kick off a "maybe later on side project chase".

Also, speaking of 90's...

How 90's are these?!! The facial expressions get me as well. I really like these but don't expect to chase them like I may the Dazzlers. I wouldn't complain though if a few fell into my hands though.

And the final piece of my Grady M mail day were these Mosaics. As everyone knows, I love this stuff and Grady had plenty of shiny to send my way:

My eyes are too distracted to continue this post.

But, I gotta finish it up.

Thanks again to Grady for the mail day. Those mail days you send always brighten me up and gives me plenty to do between sorting and taking pictures to share my treasure. I have got to continue to dig for you and hopefully before this posts I would have hit you back.


  1. Those hockey inserts are awesome! Very 90's-ish.

  2. Nice MOSAIC cards. I like the Dazzlers and those facial expressions are priceless. Good post.