Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Looks Out Of Place

There was a time I would win contest after contest after contest, now I am lucky enough just to enter them.

Keep in mind also that I only enter contests that pertain to my collection. So you won't see my enter a contest for a Walker Buehler rookie card. First of all, not a Dodgers fan and second of all, I despise cards of pitchers.

However, contests for unopened product, decent rookie cards, Giants cards, non sport anything or break spots I will enter.

So when I saw @Sportscardnati1 was hosting a contest for a $50 gift card to One Of One Card Shop and that it was the final chance to enter, I took it.

Next day, I won.

I was a bit surprised to had won but was excited to had as well. So excited that I immediately spent the money and got myself two spots in a 2 box break of Gold Standard.

The Giants and Jaguars were my selection for those breaks. I know the Jags were a bit odd of a choice but it was because they had a shot a Brunell autographs so I said why not.
The Jags landed me nothing, but the Giants landed me this Daniel Jones beauty. The only odd thing I find about this card is the relic choice.

There are four plain swatches and one pretty sick shoe/glove swatch maybe? Is it just me or does it seem out of place? For me, it should be either half nice swatches/half regular or all nice or all plain. This just seems odd to see one nice relic and rest plain.

Maybe it's just me or maybe it's just my OCD.

Let me know your thoughts on a card like this.

And big thanks to One Of One Card Shop and @Sportscardnati1 for the mail day and contest! Go give them both a Twitter follow


  1. I think it would've looked fine had that "other" piece been up top, but as is, it does look a little off. It's the hardly the worst looking relic card ever made though, so that's something!

  2. You despise cards of pitchers? Did I miss something?