Monday, August 30, 2021

REVIEW:2021 Topps Chrome Baseball

For days now I will admit I have been sulking over the news of Fanatics taking over the card world grabbing up all of the licenses like they were the Grinch at Christmas time. I just hope their heart isn't two sizes too small and that they will give us what we all want, more Topps and especially more Topps Chrome. How they will be able to do that, well that's easy, buy Topps. If you want to keep long time collectors like myself happy, it's the best decision you can make.

I am not sure how I feel otherwise about one company monopolizing the hobby I am ever so passionate about. It's probably comparable to how I felt when Upper Deck lost all of their licenses, which made me feel like a little kid who had lost their favorite stuffed toy. I am still sad about that.

All we can hope for is the best from all of this news as the hobby has been in my life and probably yours a long time. Rooting it on otherwise would mean you aren't a collector in the first place. We want only success here.

In the meantime, I am going to try and enjoy my favorite Topps and Panini products like they are on their last life. And one of those products I get to review today in Topps Chrome.

Topps Chrome has been a yearly staple in my house since 1996 and it's a product my wife has heard me talk her ear off about since we got married. It's like that one favorite family member you look forward to seeing every year.

In every box of 2021 Topps Chrome baseball you will find yourself immersed with 24 packs of 4 cards. Hobby boxes like this one come with 2 autographs and boxes currently run around $220.

Topps Chrome is simply chromed up Topps flagship cards, just a much more shortened checklist. It involves veterans and

Rookies in it's checklist. Topps Chrome rookies have been my favorite rookie cards, move over Bowman Chrome, since 1996.

There is 220 cards in this years base set to chase.


If you collect Topps Chrome, you know as well as I do, it's all about the refractors and this years edition there is no shortage of them.

Find the following parallels, Refractor, Sepia, Pink, Prism, Negative, Magenta /399, Magenta Speckle /350, Purple /299, Aqua /199, Aqua Wave /199, Blue /150, Green /99, Green Wave /99, Blue Wave /75, Gold /50, Gold Wave /50, Orange /25, Orange Wave /25, Red /5, Red Wave /5, SuperFractor 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.


Blue Wave /75

Purple /299

Magenta Sparkle /350



Have you had enough refractors?? Most likely not, so here are some shiny inserts with the following parallels you may find! Green /99, Gold /50, Orange /25, Red /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.
Prismic Power falls 1:24 packs with 15 cards to chase in the set

Future Stars fall 1:8 packs and has 20 cards to collect. These are probably my favorite insert from Chrome every year.

1986....yawn....inserts again fall 1:6 packs. There are 25 to collect if you aren't sick of their over usage yet lol.

And finally, a new Chrome insert in Beisbol that falls 1:12 packs with 15 cards to chase.

2 autographs and they were....

Both rookie pitcher least one was a refractor /499.

For $220 this box fell way short of value, but it was so much fun to open. I hope to find some retail which is a cheaper option for that thrill.

Or you can jump in on a box break and land the team of chrome you want, may I suggest a breaker? Try out Coffee Breaks and save $10 off when you use the code, CoffeeBlog.

I sure hope to continue to see more Topps Chrome in my life. You got a friend in refractors.

Leave me your thoughts on the Fanatics deals and/or my box break below!


  1. Is Coffee Breaks your new card adventure?

    1. It is not as I could never afford product to break nor could I ever take on the responsibility that carries.

      I met a guy on Twitter who had Coffee Breaks already established so I am helping him out and this discount code helps you guys out by saving money.

  2. Hopefully we'll luck out and see some blasters on the Target website. Thanks for showing off the cards!