Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Week In Pictures: New Years

This week in pictures is brought to you by a beautiful sunrise.

How can your week not kick off any better then seeing this sunrise when you wake up? The dusting of snow that we got after Christmas only helps solidify how amazing this sunrise looks.

I get quite a few beautiful sites like this throughout the week especially during the winter.

Today's pictures recaps New Years week. That's probably how this segment will work is featuring a weeks prior of pictures, but I am not planning on making any name changes to this segment.

Last week also marked a week of colder temperatures, maybe not as cold as it usually is this time of year but cold enough where it got your attention when you walked outside.

I snapped this picture of the brook at the end of my road. You can see some of the ice chunks in the water from the cold temps.

On my road also is this tree that still has leaves on it despite the cold temps and wind that picked up on Wednesday of last week. They are dead but have not fallen off. I don't expect it to last this way much longer but it could surprise me.

The end of the week I spent my New Years Eve like I usually do, at home and with an early bedtime. I haven't watched the ball drop in over 10 years. I just feel like there is no point of doing so and that I could always wake up the next day to celebrate the New Year.

I did enjoy some solid pizza however. You can't see it from this picture but those slices of pepperoni must have come off from a dinosaur as they were huge.

When I picked up the pizza, I snapped this cool shot outside the building. The moon was hiding behind the dark clouds leaving it as an eerie last scene of 2020 for me.

I hope all of you had a great New Years week and let's pray for a better for a 2021!


  1. That first shot would've looked a lot better without all of the snow :)

    1. Sadly that was only an inch of snow! It will be more for next weeks pictures..

  2. All nice quality pics. Posts like this make me want to get back into photography.

    1. You should! I have enjoyed taking these pictures. I usually post them on Facebook but will start doing them on here for others to enjoy as well

  3. Nice shots. I love photography. That sunrise is beautiful.

  4. Nice shots, especially the brook!