Monday, January 25, 2021

MMMB:RAK Had More Than I Expected

A few Friday's ago, I started a Want/Need thread on Twitter to help out collectors looking for specific cards. On that thread also, others can pipe in if they have said card you are looking for and try to trade, sell or RAK it to you.

It's a fun concept that led to a lot of collectors getting what they wanted in some form or another.

At the time, I was looking for Topps Update rookies of Kyle Lewis and Randy Arozarena since I couldn't find any Topps Update locally and needed both for my rookie card collection.

That's when @JrNoble1 jumped in and said he would RAK them to me.

Before this, I don't recall having any prior conversations with him so it's always a surprise when new followers come out of nowhere to help. The hobby community is full of great people like this.

The mail day arrived a few days later with a nice stack of cards including the two I needed,

And so much more! 

I was surprised and excited to see what else was sent.

The other cards he sent covered the other big rookies from Update that I was stoked about,
Gavin Lux

Aristides Aquino

and then there was a small stack of Giants cards too. Wow!

Very cool! Always dig having Prizm parallels of Giants.

Big thanks to @JrNoble1 for the superb surprise-filled mail day. I really appreciate it and glad we now have daily interactions.

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