Monday, January 11, 2021

MMMB:New Trading Partners Always Welcomed

Sometimes it's nice to break out of my core group of 5 trading buddies who I trade with multiple times a year and find someone new.

Because new people could bring different types of cards for your collection.

So when I made a trade with @gator_cards, he got my interest by some cards I hadn't seen that much of before.

Was it these Daniel Jones?

This Sterling Shepard?

Nope. Seen that one as well.

A group of Ikes? Nah.

This Daniel Jones.... YUP! one of them!

But it really comes down to the following cards that help add to my NY Giants PC from the late 90's which is the weakest part of my Giants collection.

This Ike Hilliard Spx is from 1998, shines like a beaut Clark and is /325

This is a '99 Prestige parallel that is /500. Once again. love that shine.

And to end it, a Crown Royale rookie card. Other than 1995, this was one of my favorite designs on Crown Royale of the 90's.

Thanks again to @gator_cards for the trade!

As the title states, I am always looking for new trading partners so if that sounds like you, give me a holla. I do prefer only shipping within the U.S. and I obviously only want traders who are trustworthy. Other than that, I have all teams and sports available for a multitude of trading.


  1. Love 1998 SPx. Seems like a lot of thought and effort went into the production of each of those cards.

    1. Yes and all of the older Spx with the holograms

  2. Crown Royale was so different for it's time, and it's aged pretty well too, certainly better than most of today's cards will.

    1. Absolutely. Or today's Crown Royale which is not even close