Thursday, January 21, 2021

Breakin' With Cardboard Collections

I recently saw a break on Twitter that Cardboard Collections, @flywheels, was hosting with a box of 1996 Sportflix baseball and wanted in. 

Only problem, there wasn't many teams left to get in on. So as a Yankees fan (Mariners fan just to land some Griffeys) I sinned and grabbed the Red Sox in the break.

I can feel you all shaming me now.

But, I did it to score some Mo Vaughns despite the team, I always liked watching the big dude hit. And it was also a brand in my favorite time to collect which was the biggest draw.

Let's see how I did.
Roger Clemens. I really liked Roger and would always pretend to be him when I was pitching in backyard baseball against my friend Brian. Then came the steroid talk and he was no longer my favorite pitcher.

I ended up with 2 of these UC3 subset cards of Vaughn, I like the 3D appeal which is hard to capture in a blog post.

John Valentin

Mo Vaughn flexing on his card.

Jose Roidseco. I always forget how many teams he bounced around to and always forget he even played for the Red Sox. I associate him more with the Rays than I do the Red Sox.

Overall for the cost, that was fun and I landed a couple of cards for my players collection.

Cardboard Collections is always hosting these affordable break spots for a variety of fun products. If you haven't tried it out yet, please do and check it out HERE for new breaks. And no, this wasn't sponsored this is just speaking the truth. Though I would be more than happy to have Cardboard Collections as my break sponsor. *hint* *hint*


  1. His breaks are always good. Good looking cards and I always enjoy watching Mo Vaughn hit. Never knew if a ball would leave the stadium when he was up to bat.

  2. Colbey is probably one of the few "breakers" who doesn't need any help to sell out his breaks.