Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Giants Cardboard: Sorry, I Forgot

As a blogger of multiple blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, I tend to have a short memory time to time. Embarrassingly so.

Today's mail day is a prime example of it. I have no idea who I traded with for this mail day and tried my best to research on Twitter to find the trading partner. But couldn't. It is shameful.

So if this was you, please let me know so I can give you the proper thanks.

Because there was a lot of cool stuff in here that I shouldn't have waited so long to post about.

Such as....

Ron Dixon football relic. These are underappreciated in the hobby. I prefer this more than patches especially when it's game used and game noted when it was used.

Rookie Threads Moss

Arthur Marshall. This was probably one of my favorite Autograph sets of all time and especially from the 90's. I own just a few cards from it.

New Kerry Collins for the PC

I showed you one Brandon Jacobs autograph above, here is another rookie one. Jacobs has an okay signature but I wouldn't dare to tell him that it wasn't perfect. Nobody wants to be in his way when he comes running at you.

If only Smith could have stayed healthy. He could have been the Giants all-time leader in receiving. He was really talented.

These final cards are really shiny. We will ignore the poor autograph of Aaron Ross.

Thanks again to whoever I traded with for these cards for my PC and appreciate the trade. If this was you again, I apologize I tucked these away for so long in my que. I should have published them sooner but the 25 Days Of Cardmas took over.


  1. fun lot of cards! i don't collect FB but have a couple of no name football relics just because the cards are fun. I don't expect to keep them forever.

    1. I am that way with some other sports, especially Nascar that has some fun relics

  2. I remember Smith had one really solid year... then he just disappeared. Grabbed a few of his cards in anticipation of a hall of fame career. Lol. Oh well... can't win them all.

    1. Yeah after the injuries kicked in he played for the RAms for a short time then retired. He made some big plays in Super Bowl 42 I will never forget

  3. I'm a big fan of those Pro Line autos too, now if I could just find the couple that I need cheap...