Friday, January 15, 2021

Cards On Cards Sends Surprises!

Another mail day from the great Cards On Cards arrived again that combined a few freebie Friday claims and a few surprises as well.

Its starts out with this Aaron Judge that I now want parallels for. Didn't expect this cool surprise, but it's much welcomed as I needed it. Hope to land the Griffey base and parallels too.

A Cave helps me finish up my 2020 Allen Ginter Where Monsters Live set (which this was a surprise card as well)

Same goes with the Griffey Jr. My Junior PC continues to grow as of recent. I really need to piece together some numbers on here again.

Gleyber Torres I do have a few copies of but this one may be in better condition then the others.

One of my freebie Friday claims was this Daniel Jones base card. Being one of the very few football first collectors in the blogosphere and one of maybe two Giants fans helps. I think the other Giants fan is Bo but he doesn't follow my blog any longer. Not sure why.

And yes, I take note of those who follow, unfollow, and comment on this blog just to let you know :)

Speaking of football, add Russell Wilson to the list of guys I collect. Strong guy of faith and a great teammate, hard not to like him. This was a claim from Freebie Friday as well.

Thanks again to Kerry for the mail day and sweet surprises! Hope to have some Cards on Cards sent your way soon!


  1. Congratulations on completing the Where Monsters Live set. It's a coo set. I probably should build that set too.

    1. You should, though it's probably easier to just buy it outright