Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Week In Pictures: Recapping Christmas Week

This week in pictures is brought to you by Frosty The Snowman.

The week started off with a small snow accumulation, enough to build a snowman but things changed very fast by Christmas. Very fast.
By Christmas, four days after the snowman picture was taken, it was what most would call a green Christmas. Rain moved in and the temperatures were in the 50's. THE 50'S AND NO SNOW. Those words and this area do not mix usually in December.

This marked only the second time I can remember not having a White Christmas and honestly I missed it. White Christmas is all I dream about just like Bing Crosby. It makes the holiday more magical to see snow covered trees and big white flakes falling from the sky. I am not sure how everyone celebrates Christmas in the 80's and sun. I can't do it. Christmas is the one day I actually want snow every year.

This week also marked the first time ever I have made homemade Gingerbread cookies.
Of course I wished I had read the box on the parchment paper before running my finger across the sharp blade. It was especially nice that the band aid I put on wouldn't stay on the the lemon juice I used to make supper went in the cut. I was certainly singing Jingle Bells loudly.

At least the cookies were on point and also showed a great example of what I look like before and after Christmas.

Christmas felt different this year without family being able to come visit and just staying home for it. At least my mother in law still kept up the yearly breakfast tradition, we do this instead of a ham dinner, and came to drop it off at my house.
The breakfast always consists of Bacon, Sausage, Fried Potatoes and scrambled eggs along with a Apple French Toast bake that isn't pictured. She nailed it again this year. Because she had made so much I actually had breakfast covered for a few days.

I am hoping rest of the family will be here for the breakfast next year.

Overall, my Christmas was fun despite some changes to the usual expectations but what part of 2020 didn't have those? 

I hope you all had a great Christmas and would welcome your weekly recap in the comments below!


  1. We rarely have a white Christmas here, just rain. But my son said that it needs to be cold and rainy, or it won't feel like Christmas to him!

    1. It's funny how that goes. Same here for labor day, if it doesnt rain then it's not labor day

  2. Sorry about the finger and lack of snow on Christmas day... but that breakfast sure looks delicious. My friend surprised me with a prime rib dinner on Christmas afternoon. That along with a family zoom highlighted the day.

    1. That sounds good! Sadly we didnt even do a zoom with the family. Should have!

  3. Ah, the old lemon juice in the cut routine, I know it well! I think we got your snow btw, feel free to keep it next year :)

    I like this post concept too, it'd make for a good weekly series.

  4. Oh boy with the lemon juice! It snowed here Christmas Day, about an inch. Just enough to make most people happy. Good-looking breakfast!

  5. No snow here for Christmas, but we got the old rain/snow/sleet mix for New Years. Glad you were able to enjoy the holiday somewhat, lemon juice in the finger cut aside. Happy New Year!

  6. Ouch, those kind of cuts are the worst! Glad the holidays went well! Best of luck in the New Year!